The Future of Small Business Finance is proud to partner with SMBX to bring business owners The Small Business Bond™ program - a new way for you to raise capital from the customers you already have. Raise between $50,000 to $1,000,000 at interest rates as low as 4%.

We'll never ask for a Personal Guarantee. Ever. 


It's Easier

We complete your paperwork. You review it. We file it. You make fixed monthly payments so you know exactly what to expect for your cash flow.

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It's Cost-Effective

We don't have the same regulatory fees as banks and lending platforms. Use the proceeds from your bond offering to grow your business in any way you see fit: refinance high-interest debt, purchase inventory, or upgrade your equipment.

It Adds Value

When you raise from the public, you build your brand. You engage existing customers and acquire new customers.

No Equity

Keep your equity for yourself, while still raising the funds you need to grow. 

Avoid awkward negotiating with family and friends, complex bank approval processes, and lengthy pitches to wealthy investors.

Submit your information below, and we'll speak with you or your accountant to learn about your business and its funding needs.

We draft your paperwork. You review it. We file it.

1. Apply

How Does SMBX Work?

2. Market

SMBX prepares a marketing plan with your support. We market to our network. We market to your network. We market to a broader investor community.

At the successful close of your offering, you accept the outcome and direct us where to transfer your funds. You receive your capital, your investors receive their bonds.

3. Close

You pay principal + interest monthly, similar to a term loan, but instead of paying a bank, you pay your investors. SMBX manages tax forms and everything else.

4. Make Repayments

Case Studies

Bernal Cutlery


Raised: $140,000

Black Hammer Brewing


Raised: $100,000


Professional Services B2B

Raised: $100,000

Degrees Plato


Raised: $140,000

Livie & Luca

Shoe Manufacturer

Raised: $100,000

Uji Time Cafe Group

Ice Cream Manufacturer

Raised: $90,000

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