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*Investing in Reg CF securities includes financial risks, including loss of money invested. All estimated returns on principal + interest are not guaranteed. This statement is based on the following assumptions: 1) an offering successfully closes and an investor is allocated a Bond or Bonds, 2) that the investor holds their Bonds to maturity and 3) that there are no defaults made by the issuer on any of the Bond payments from issuance to maturity.

On SMBX, qualified businesses can borrow directly from everyday investors like you, instead of banks.

That way, you earn interest while small businesses get the funding they need to thrive*. It's a win-win for everyone.

SMBX is a marketplace connecting everyday investors with small businesses raising funds.

Earn up to 9% interest by investing in local small businesses you love.*

Invest in Small Businesses & Earn*.

How Does It Work?

Who Can Invest 

on SMBX?

Anyone with a credit card or US-based bank account can check out available Bonds, choose which to invest in, and receive monthly principal plus interest payments*.

Start investing for as little as $10 today.


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Why Should I Invest?

Show your love for your favorite mom and pop shops. All businesses go through basic due diligence that qualifies them to list on SMBX.


You can earn a meaningful return by lending money to your favorite small businesses*.

Investing locally empowers small businesses you love with capital needed to better serve your community.

Earn up to 9% interest.*

Support small businesses.

Impact your community

How to Invest on SMBX: 

1. Discover

2. Invest

3. Earn

Discover qualified small businesses across the country and learn about their plans, goals and aspirations.

Place an order for the Small Business Bonds™ you'd like to purchase in $10 increments. See your estimated return calculated in real time!

When the business hits their target, all investors receive monthly payments until their total principal and earned interest are paid in full.*


Investors Love SMBX:

"SMBX’s Small Business Bonds™ help you fund your favorite businesses, support your local economy, and can generate solid passive income in the process."


"I’m always looking for opportunities to invest. Here we can invest confidently in local businesses that we patronize."

-Lost Addict

"To invest in our communities’ businesses all while earning a return on investment is revolutionary. The rate of return is potentially higher than my current portfolio!"


Start investing today.

Sign up for SMBX and start investing in small businesses for as little as $10.


Start investing today.

Sign up for SMBX and start investing in small businesses for as little as $10.


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