Earn up to 11.5% interest and support the city of DC by investing in local businesses you love.* 

Put Your Money Where Your Heart is.

Why Investors Love SMBX

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"SMBX’s Small Business Bonds™ help you fund your favorite businesses, support your local economy, and can generate solid passive income in the process."
- MoneyMade

"[SMBX] is one more way we can work together to create jobs and opportunity in all eight wards, support our favorite small and local businesses, and uplift entrepreneurs who are invested in our people, culture, and neighborhoods."
- Mayor Muriel Bowser

“The fact that it’s going to make me some money makes it a lot easier to [invest on SMBX than it] would have been investing elsewhere, whether an index fund or real estate venture.”
- Author Chris Haugh, via Eater

Our Commitment to DC.

SMBX and the city of Washington DC have come together to support local businesses, especially those from communities historically denied access to capital.

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SMBX and the DC mayor’s office have partnered to deliver $5M in investment to the District’s small businesses as part of the DC Rebuild Bond Program.

Together, we're building a stronger DC and helping everyday investors grow their wealth by investing in Small Business Bonds™, set up to pay monthly principal + interest, at rates up to 11.5%*.

How to Start Investing

On SMBX, qualified businesses can borrow directly from everyday investors like you, instead of banks. 
That way, you earn up to 11.5% interest while small businesses get the funding they need to thrive*. It's a win-win for everyone. 

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We're Invested in DC.
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Want to Raise Money for Your DC Business?

Learn more about the program and how you can issue Small Business Bonds to your community. 


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We believe that everyone should be empowered to take control of their money. That's why we created the Small Business Bond™ - a way for small businesses to raise capotal from their communities, and for everyday inestors to grow their wealth.

*Investing in Reg CF securities includes financial risks, including loss of money invested. All estimated returns on principal + interest are not guaranteed. For more information, visit our website.