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The Small Business Bond™ by SMBX is a new way for your business to borrow capital from the customers you already have. Now, you can access affordable capital by converting your customers into investors.

Raise between $100,000 to $1,000,000 at interest rates as low as 4%.

Must earn at least $100k in revenue within the last year to qualify.

We'll never ask for a Personal Guarantee. Ever. 🙂

Need Funds to Grow Your Business?

Borrow from your customers and community!


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Minimum Qualifications:

18+ months in business

$100,000+ in annual revenue

Positive Net Income

How it works

1. Apply

Bonds are like loans, but instead of borrowing from a bank, you're borrowing from investors. We'll help you market your bonds to your existing customers, local community, and our network of investors.

2. Issue Bonds

Receive your funds within 5 business days after your bond offering closes.

3. Get Your Money
4. Make Repayments

Make single, fixed monthly payments that we'll automatically distribute to all your investors. Continue making equal payments until the full principal and interest has been paid.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out the quick form below and a dedicated account manager will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Ready to get started?

Black Hammer Brewing


$100,000 Raised

Livie & Luca

Shoe Manufacturer

$100,000 Raised

Bernal Cutlery


$140,000 Raised

Degrees Plato


$140,000 Raised


Professional Services/B2B

$35,000 Raised

Access capital at competitive rates

Use the proceeds from your bond offering to grow your business any way you see fit! Refinance high-interest debt, purchase inventory, upgrade your equipment, or open a new location - the choice is yours!

Increase customer loyalty

Raising capital through a bond offering gives your customers an opportunity to share in your business' financial success, thereby deepening the relationship you have with them.

Protect your personal assets (and mental health)

You'll never be personally liable for the debt owed to your bondholders in the event things fizzle out. With that being said, there may be instances in which we ask you to collateralize your bond offering with business assets.

Learn proven marketing tactics that generate sales

Our marketing team has developed cutting edge strategies to ensure you're well equipped to raise the capital you need.